A tale of two sisters…

Fortunately, while “It was the best of times,” well describes two weddings that recently took place, “it was the worst of times,” refers only to a momentarily-near-disastrous setback in the fabrication process (which, after much wailing and teeth gnashing, eventually got resolved. Whew!)

Having been commissioned by long time clients – celebrating their good luck at having both daughters get married this fall – I set about creating two pairs of sterling silver champagne toasting glasses, one pair for each of the happy couples. Our process began with hand-drawn renderings created specifically to suit each of the daughters’ own personal styles; the first design, made for an accomplished marathon runner, was tall and slender in shape, with thousands of hand-hammered marks symbolizing her daily thousands of footfalls while long distance training.








The second design, created from an inspiration image, was more modern – stylish, elegant simplicity – with flowing lines. By round two, I’d gained the wherewithal to document the progress of the pieces. What a fantastically fun process this was…

This project has proven to be one of my greatest professional challenges to date. It was, at times, equal parts thrilling / terrifying – working at such a large scale (with such an enormous blow torch) – it ended up providing an incredible learning experience. (Yes, I realize I say this often.) I would like to acknowledge and praise master silversmith, Ruth Rhoten, for her Herculean efforts in overseeing this project.

It has been such a pleasure to be a small part of the process of these two couples coming together to share their lives.

A wedding blessing ~ may you all have everything before you!

(wedding couple photo and sisters photo credit: Steven Bin, aka new son-in-law; toasting cups and all process images credit: Deb Durant)


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