The Buoyant Ship of Marital Fortune

Earlier this spring a lovely couple, recently engaged, commissioned me to design and set their beautiful aquamarine gemstone – which the fiance had proposed with – into a new platinum engagement ring.  Both the future bride and groom took an active role in the design process; coming into the studio as partners, outlining and discussing their desires and hopes for what the ring symbolized in their lives, and making the decisions together as they embarked on their journey forward.

As I began my research of aquamarines for the project, I discovered the renowned Swiss gemologist Eduard Gübelin, who wrote lyrically in his book ‘Gemstones’ about the lore surrounding the beautiful blue gem:

“The aquamarine or sea-blue remains permanently associated with water in myths: it accompanies seafarers and ensures them a safe return home; and round the ship of marital fortune, it weaves ribbons of faithfulness. The aquamarine is the gemstone of all young people, and all those who have remained young at heart.”

I took great pleasure sharing these sentiments with them.

As the happy couple are about to join together in marriage this month, here’s wishing you all good fortune and blessings; may you remain eternally young in each other’s heart.

Hearty CONGRATS, Christine and Mark! 

While I’m on the subject of happiness… the bride-to-be happens to be an expert on the subject – take a peek! On her website she’s an eternal fount of useful info and inspiration…



N.B: Information on E. Gübelin excerpted from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

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