deb_durant in chair full
photo credit: klgphotography.com

From the very first clasped crayon my life has been viewed through the filter of ART. Growing up, the plan had always been to be an architect (instead I married one). In college I had explored jewelry design, graphics, textiles, photography, art history, and numerous drafting and CAD courses, but upon graduating, when I drove down to Newport, RI, where I lived in my car for a few weeks before fortuitously finding a small room to rent in a mansion. My eyes were suddenly opened to a career choice that I literally hadn’t known existed,  (but recognized I’d subconsciously been craving) a job that tied it all together: interior design. I moved to Boston to pursue a career in hospitality interiors – a wonderful and fascinating endeavor that would enable me to meld many of these design disciplines into the fabric of my daily work.

Over the past three decades I’ve continued to weave together a creative body of work representing the *architecture* of objects, spaces & places, interior and exterior, viewed and/or worn, macro and micro, communal and personal. 

Every aspect of my work/life identity is MAKER, and I actively seek opportunities to collaborate with other makers across a range of scales, media, and modalities. With each new project the tasks and focus shift. This always-changing flow of creativity forces me to stretch and grow – enabling and encouraging me to be the best possible vessel for achieving the best end result for my clientele.