deb_durant in chair full
photo credit: klgphotography.com

From my very first clasped crayon life began as art. Growing up, the plan was always to be an architect, but after innumerable drafting/CAD courses I instead pursued a BFA, exploring illustration, jewelry design, graphics, textiles, photography & art history.

Upon graduating, I drove to Newport, RI, lived in my car for a couple weeks and, fortuitously, found room in one of the mansion homes, inadvertently opening my eyes to a career choice that literally hadn’t existed in my awareness, but which I’d subconsciously always been craving) which tied together all of these disciplines: interior design.

Over the past three decades I’ve continued to weave the various disciplines together to create a body of work that represents the *architecture* of objects, spaces & places, both exterior and interior, viewed and worn, macro and micro, communal and personal. 

I actively seek out opportunities to collaborate with others – artists, artisans, makers & builders, across a range of scales, media, and modalities, and see my life/work balance in every aspect as a MAKER. My tasks shift between the various design disciplines – depending on the need – with a focus on how to be the best possible vessel for achieving the end user/consumer’s goals.