deb_durant in chair full
photo credit: klgphotography.com

From my very first clasped crayon life began as art. Growing up, the plan was always to be an architect, but after innumerable drafting/CAD courses I instead pursued a BFA in illustration, while exploring jewelry-making, graphic design, textiles, photography & art history.

Upon graduating I drove to Newport, RI, lived in my car for a couple weeks and, fortuitously, found a small back room in a mansion-like home, which inadvertently opened my eyes to a career choice that literally hadn’t existed in my awareness (which I’d nonetheless subconsciously craved) – tying together all these disciplines: interior design.

Over the past three decades I’ve continued to weave together a creative body of work representing the *architecture* of objects, spaces & places, interior and exterior, viewed and/or worn, macro and micro, communal and personal. 

I actively seek out opportunities to collaborate with others – artists, artisans, makers & builders – across a range of scales, media, and modalities. My life/work balance in every aspect is one of MAKER. Tasks shift between design disciplines (depending on needs) and the focus adjusts accordingly enabling me to be the best possible vessel for achieving the end user/consumer’s goals.