I’m interested in crossing boundaries, coaxing & coalescing a wide range of design mediums in search of harmonious balance, simpatico, the discovery of common ground or overlap between worlds within the design realm.

Have you ever had a glimmer of an idea…

for something new & delightful, meaningful & specific to you, resonant of your personal history or dreams – for your home, place of work, garden, wardrobe… your life

… but not known how to manifest it, or make it real?

visualize what’s possible, refine or rework the creative details, source or fabricate your vision

Let me help you make it a reality.

my formula: quality materials + creative solutions + best practices =SUCCESS

Unusual, exquisite, clever, rare and/or unique materials all sourced for the creation of your memorable and exquisite designs, to make your life more beautiful. I’m interested in listening to your story, distilling it’s essence, and setting to work building your dream into reality.