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Jewelry is an intimate and personal art form, worn directly in contact with skin. The art of my trade is in working closely with clients to create pieces of lasting beauty which perfectly complement the individual’s own unique personality, style, and taste.

In my studio, in order to maintain the goal of consistently high quality design and execution, best quality precious metals from ethically recycled sources are used whenever possible. All pieces are personally designed by me, including fabrication and hand carving of wax models, which I then have lost wax cast off-site. I also personally coordinate the setting and hand-engraving of all pieces, using the finest gemstones available which I hand select from a wide array of established and reputable gem dealers worldwide. With each design I seek out beautifully balanced gemstones focusing on vibrant colors, well proportioned and often unusual cuts, and excellent clarity (i.e. having the fewest inclusions and/or natural imperfections).  Paying close attention to all details, with an eye for beauty, performance and functionality, I strive to create pieces of lasting value.