design consulting

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the path of my creativity has swerved numerous times in both challenging & interesting ways throughout my career: one decade focused on interior design with a side line of jewelry, another decade with that formula flipped, a third decade exploring micro-mosaics and silk-screened textiles.  

i’m thrilled to currently be working on a full range of projects across all of these creative mediums, thoughtfully growing my portfolio that – in addition to my jewelry and micro-mosaic work – includes interiors, graphics & event design projects.

adornment: precious metals, gemstones, micro-mosaics

accessories: glass, metal, wood, lighting, accessories

wearables: silkscreened textiles 

an entirely hands-on & personal approach. hand drawings to 3D design. an investment in bespoke design with unique and memorable detailing to successfully brings your project to life. 

a passion to delight the senses. designs created to feel limitless. create more beauty in your life.