design consulting

“Art, isn’t that a man’s name?” Andy Warhol

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My own creative path has been filled with interesting twists and turns since graduating from art school in the late 80’s. The first dozen years were spent as a hospitality interior designer with a side jewelry design business, followed by a dozen years the other way around. Now, I enjoy consulting part time on a range of creative projects, with a growing portfolio that includes small scale interior design, graphic design, and private event-related planning. 

My approach is very hands-on and personal, with attention to detail & a love for creating whimsical objects & environments that delight all of the senses. Bringing fantasy into reality.. I look forward to helping you create your dream project.

  • space planning
  • color consulting
  • materials sourcing
  • specifications/purchasing
  • lighting design
  • custom fabrication (utilizing a network of artists & craftsman)
  •  accessories