process / in the studio

What informs my process?

The potency of color, combined with texture, is elemental and deeply influences my work. A life-long fascination with pattern – I continually return to nature‘s organic structures – an endless renewable energy resource inspiring fresh ideas. Achieving balance, by capturing details that are at once intriguing, well-proportioned, and pleasingly tactile, is an end goal. Each of these design elements are the trademarks of my work.

The most satisfying and enjoyable aspect of my work is collaborating directly with my clients. Whether on a special piece of custom jewelry, a one-of-a-kind object, a special mosaic, or a new interior environment, my design process aims to encourage creative stretching and growth that will spark a clear expression of self. Coaxing materials into harmonious balance, each design unique to its individual owner – imbued with the essential qualities that best symbolize and embody what you cherish – your dream can be made a reality.