Silver, Golden, Diamond anniversaries

Last month, after having watched the pomp and pageantry of the Queen’s diamond jubilee in London, we headed off on a long and lovely vacation in Florida where my parents – on a cruise celebrating their own golden 50th anniversary – let us stay in their stead to soak up the fabulous summer heat. Ahhh… Berkeley who?

Just prior to leaving town, a group of siblings – about to celebrate their parents’ silver 25th wedding anniversary – decided they wanted to create something special but unconventional to mark the momentous occasion. They contacted me with an innovative idea: recreate the family’s home in detailed silhouette, using sterling silver wire on a black velvet frame. Technical challenges aside, I agreed instantly. It was a wonderful idea, plus a great example of gift-giving at its best; thoughtful, handcrafted, completely unique and personalized to its receivers. It also turned out to be a joy to make. (Despite taking quite a bit longer than anticipated – and really, isn’t that the way with most fabulous endeavors?) The project presented me with a whole new set of challenges which taught me a lot in the process.

Whether 1, 25, 50 or 60 years together, it’s an inspiration to see people finding meaningful ways to celebrate milestones together. Even more satisfying, to be able to be a small part of it.

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