In Praise of Rosecut Diamonds

Rose cut diamonds have been in use in various forms of jewelry design since the mid 16th century. The shape of a rose cut diamond resembles the petals of an opening rose bud, rising upward on the top side into a domed shape with the underside flattened, effectively making it appear to be cut ‘upside down’. This unusual cut allows for a much larger shape with less weight – so settings can sit lower on the hand. The overall effect this cut has on the diamond is akin to comparing a brightly lit room with high powered bulbs to the sparkling glimmer of evening candlelight.

Recently, I have had an unusual number of requests to create engagement rings using this older style of diamond. Their soft, gentle sparkle resonates with many of my clients who long for a more romantic diamond that better speaks of the individual character of the wearer. Unlike the modern round brilliant cut – with its absolute precision and calibration – the rosecut better illustrates the hand of the artist who created it, featuring a more organic yet balanced form. The rarity and value of the rosecut lies in its unique shaping and ‘glittering pebble’ effect.

I have a client who proposed to his beloved girlfriend last night – congrats J & T!  – who had me create a rendering of the future ring he would like to create alongside his fiancee. I sifted through hundreds of rosecut diamonds for him, hand selecting a small parcel which best met his chosen specifications. When I showed him the choices – he knew right away which one was hers. This is the beauty of the rosecut – it’s uniqueness and individuality. Each one distinctively different and with its own character – the perfect symbol of the love it is meant to reflect.

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