As we celebrated Mother’s Day (marker for the original source of gratitude) this past weekend, I received several reminders about the importance of gratitude, especially for the basic things in our lives; our good health, a happy child, a warm sunny day, a well-cooked meal to nourish ourselves and those we love. (Personally, my daughter and I enjoy thanking green lights as we scurry to school each morning…)

Last week a client of mine emailed from a business trip overseas to ask if we might be able to create something special for his wife for Mother’s Day. Previously, he had asked me to keep an eye out for something for his lovely light-up-the-room wife, while I was in Tucson on my annual buying trip. I had indeed found what I thought would be just the perfect thing for her – beautifully hand-carved, droplet shaped lemon citrines – in soft but vibrant honeydew melon green. These were my ‘special find’ at the show this year – that one elusive thing that, after 10 years of attending the largest gem show in the world, I had never seen before. Each year I make it a goal to find a new ‘special find’ – it always turns out to be a highlight of the trip! This beautiful sparkling gem speaks for itself, so we decided to simply suspend it from a delicate silk strand, add a handmade 18Ky gold ‘S’ clasp and just a few granulated gold bead accents. I think it looks simply lovely.

I hope you were able to find opportunities to celebrate all of the wonderful things in your life this weekend, and in all of your weeks going forward. Enjoy!

Coming up…

Next month, I plan to feature a few more of my finds from this year’s buying trip. I’ll present them in their loose, unset original forms – so they can be made into a custom design of one’s choosing. Special requests are always welcome! It would truly be my pleasure to hunt for & find that amazingly wonderful ‘special something’ just for you.

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