The MOM Show: Mom’s Invitational / November

WISP neclace

As the leaves turn color and fall from the trees, once again it’s time to draw inward and mull the passage of time. As a working mother, time seems to fly faster than ever before. Creating artwork is something I am able to assign precious few hours to each day, but nonetheless it all seems to get done. To that end, I am happy to be participating in “The MOM Show: Mom’s Invitational” opening this weekend at the Turman Larison Contemporary Gallery in Helena, Montana (Nov 5th – Dec 10th). The show is being curated by friend and fellow artist Jess Parker, and will include a collective of artist/mom friends who, like me, are trying to find a thriving balance between parenting and creating art in their lives. To find out more about the show, follow this link

November is also the birth month for two golden gems – yellow citrine from the quartz family and yellow topaz from the silicate family. The name citrine comes from the old French ‘citrin’ meaning lemon. Typically, citrines are found in cabochon shapes (rounded smooth faces) but they also are available faceted. Citrine often has a deeper golden glow to it, whaereas topaz is a brighter crisper yellow. A little known fact about citrine is that chemically it is almost identical to amethyst – most citrines are actually amethysts that have been heated to turn the golden hue of citrine. Yellow topaz is a often a desirable choice for jewelry pieces as it is a harder stone, making it a more durable choice.

Yellow Topaz

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