Reflecting on Diamonds

Every first week of February I fly to Tucson, Arizona, to immerse myself in the world’s largest gem show The Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase (actually a collection of aprox 50 individual shows, sprawled across the city – think multiple football fields on end for miles). It’s a once-a-year opportunity to hand pick from the most spectacular gem selection from around the world plus get the best deals. Pretty much everyone who’s involved in the jewelry business flocks to this treasure hunt each year.

While I relish the opportunity to see the most rare and hard-to-find gems, the most cutting edge designs our industry has to offer, and perhaps get a peek at some newly-discovered gem deposits – this year, instead, I took stock of my own business’ wealth of inventoried gems, purchased from a trusted suppliers list (built from decades-long relationships) and realized there’s plenty to work with here at the moment. As much as I appreciate annual Tucson (and my fabulous friends there – kiss you, miss you!) and as hard as it is to Just Say No, it’s also thrilling to be here in the studio with an array of juicy goods splayed across my work bench, pondering ‘what next to make?’

In fact, there’s an abundance of treasures to get started on here, so this month I’m narrowing my focus to rare & unusual diamonds, including natural cube shape diamonds, industrial diamonds, diamond slices, briolettes, and black diamond beads.

A few one-of-a-kind pieces should still be available for Valentine’ Day – (hint, hint, hubs = it’s coming up next Thursday!) I’ll be posting available pieces daily on Instagram and Facebook.

A bit of detail about each:

natural cube shape diamonds: Yes! These true cube shapes are exactly how they come out of the ground in an array of earth tone colors. My personal fave way to wear one carat diamond studs.

industrial diamonds: these tiny beauties are used to attenuate wire before retiring to the high end fine jewelry market. They’re pure understated simplicity with a subtle luminous glow, perfectly capturing an organic-meets-mid-century modern vibe.

Diamond slices: pure wintery-white wafer-thin diamond slices, with sparkling faceted edges, micro-stacked in delicate platinum (of course!)

Diamond briolettes: lovely drop-shaped faceted diamonds, white or in color, (cognac, champagne, golden), suspended on delicate gold or platinum wires.

Black diamond beads: wear-with-everything classic black diamond beads are the gem version of the LBD. Adds polish and sparkle to any outfit and can be worn dressed up or down for your big-night-out vs everyday. Easily layers well with other pieces.

*IMPORTANT: It’s crucial to my core business belief that all suppliers guarantee they meet the highest industry standards regarding commitment to the elimination of conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. I will not purchase or sell diamonds from suppliers who have not been vetted to the full extent currently possible, or do not have professional accreditation and/or certification (e.g. Kimberley Certified, SCS Global Services, etc).

Valentine’s Day sale

Small GEM BEES Postcard

In our home, in addition to celebrating Valentine’s Day  we also celebrate Chinese New Year with a few traditional rituals, namely: cleaning the house and sweeping all the floors, cutting our hair -all before midnight, so we sweep away/cut off the new year’s bad luck (and not after midnight, sweeping away/cutting off the new year’s good luck).

As many of you know I’m creating a new line of jewelry in 2018 to include 24K gold micro-mosaic jewelry plus a new oxidized sterling + gold line. For the past several years I’ve done almost exclusively made-to-order bridal work and ceremonial pieces, but I’m excited to now expand my work to include the new lines. As these lines come together, I’ll be transitioning the studio to better accommodate the new work, and selling all remaining stock pieces. Time to sweep them away to new homes! – all prior jewelry pieces will be on sale for 30-50% this next week – so, if you’ve had your eye on something special please do let me know and let’s see about making it yours.

I’ll also have a number of new pieces ready – hot off the presses! – great gifts ideas, including pieces that can be customized with initial stamps in time for the holiday.

Studio hours this weekend will be 3PM – 5PM Sat & Sun, do stop by!

This sale is for clients, friends & family – pls feel free to pass along to your friends, but it is not a public event.

More pix to follow soon!

Wishing you HAPPINESS & LOVE as Valentine’s Day & Chinese New Year approaches ~





… and a Happy New Year

After a wonderful flurry of holiday activity it is with weary relief that we bid a fond adieu to 2009, and look ahead to the new year, 2010.

January has already practically slipped through our fingers and February, along with Valentine’s Day, is fast upon us. This coming month, we would like to highlight pieces with gems that celebrate the rich colors associated with the most romantic holiday – ruby red, hot pink rubellite, juicy mandarin garnet, Mexican fire opal, in addition to a sweet assortment of tiny gold hearts (for your sweetheart).

Throughout history, red has been the primary color choice for conveying love, with it’s association to passion, fire, lust, heat, and  romance. Like a perfect crystalline drop of blood, the ruby bead is like a visible heartbeat. Whether playing up it’s vitality against snowy white seed pearls, or accentuating it’s dramatic flair surrounded by brilliant orange, peach, and golden sapphires – the ruby remains the symbolic queen of love.

Check out our Valentine’s Day specials! Up to 25% off select holiday pieces for a limited time only. January 25th – February 14th