Valentine’s Day lore, plus more…

The luscious RUBY is our featured gemstone for February ~

…a few suggestions to help celebrate your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!

According to lore, Valentine’s Day originated from the ancient Roman fertility rite ‘Lupercalia’ which was celebrated on February 15th to honor the founders of Rome and, apparently, also to ‘purify’ the women of Rome.  To this end, priests of Lupercalia would pass through the streets, striking women with strips of freshly slain goat skin, called “februa”, meant to assure them fertility and easy childbirth.

Later, as Rome declined, the emperor Claudius the II decided that single men made better soldiers than men with families, and outlawed marriage for all young men (= those he deemed the best potential soldiers).

Valentine, a Christian priest of that time, realized the injustice of this decree, and defied the emperor by continuing to perform marriages in secret. He was imprisoned for this transgression and later died on February 14th, 270 A.D, but remains the eponymous symbol of enduring and romantic love.

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I fly to Tucson, AZ soon – to the largest gem show in the world! – held annually in early February. All the best specimens of every gemstone known to man will be on display. If there’s anything you’ve been pining for or something you’d like me to find for you – do let me know. That will be the place to find it…

I’ll be taking orders for gems through Sat, Feb 1st.

… and a Happy New Year

After a wonderful flurry of holiday activity it is with weary relief that we bid a fond adieu to 2009, and look ahead to the new year, 2010.

January has already practically slipped through our fingers and February, along with Valentine’s Day, is fast upon us. This coming month, we would like to highlight pieces with gems that celebrate the rich colors associated with the most romantic holiday – ruby red, hot pink rubellite, juicy mandarin garnet, Mexican fire opal, in addition to a sweet assortment of tiny gold hearts (for your sweetheart).

Throughout history, red has been the primary color choice for conveying love, with it’s association to passion, fire, lust, heat, and  romance. Like a perfect crystalline drop of blood, the ruby bead is like a visible heartbeat. Whether playing up it’s vitality against snowy white seed pearls, or accentuating it’s dramatic flair surrounded by brilliant orange, peach, and golden sapphires – the ruby remains the symbolic queen of love.

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