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Our new shop is now live, where you can access & order all my newest pieces (or send a custom request for a piece that’s all your own!)

In order to maintain consistently high quality design & execution, I use top quality precious metals from ethically recycled sources wherever possible. All pieces are personally designed by me, including fabrication & hand carved wax models, which I then have cast off-site. I also coordinate the setting, hand-engraving, and selection of gemstones from a pool of established and reputable resources I’ve built relationships with locally and worldwide.

For each design I seek beautifully balanced, well proportioned gemstones with vibrant colors, preferring unusual and rare cuts, less often available.  Whether your project requires gems with perfect clarity (i.e. no/few inclusions or natural imperfections) or you prefer more earthy gems, with their own personality, including trace natural elements visible inside, I will give your project the close attention it needs, orchestrating the small symphony of details, with an eye for beauty + performance + functionality, in order to create a lasting piece for you to cherish.