24K gold mosaic

My newest passion : 24K gold micro-mosaic jewelry design. Here are samples of my ready made pieces from earlier this year, custom designs are available by request.

My process begins with the 24K gold mosaic tiles, handmade in Venice (Murano), Italy. Sheets of 24KY gold leaf are fused to a top and bottom layer of handblown glass, with the top layer of glass being either clear or colored, depending on the design intent. So, each mosaic is made entirely of hand cut 24K gold pieces or ‘tesserae’ – the color variations you read are in the top layer of glass protecting the pure 24K gold layer. I hand cut each one of the original small gold Italian tiles into aprox 50 tesserae per tile, then laboriously design and assemble each mosaic from the hundreds of hand cut pieces. Unlike traditional grouted mosaic work, pieces must be cut to sit ‘shoulder to shoulder’ – with no spacing between the tiles – so extreme precision is necessary for each mosaic’s success.